What is FaceCall?

The only caller ID with video. It lets you go beyond making ordinary audio calls to calls where people can see you without hearing you, so they know to answer. You can also see the people who are calling you, so can decide whether or not to answer.

Who is FaceCall for?

Consumers who want to personalize their communication with family, friends, and coworkers, and business people who want to improve how they communicate within their organizations and find new clients, partnerships, investors, candidates for jobs, or job opportunities among all the people who are members of the rapidly growing FaceCall community. FaceCall is also a safe […]

How do I join the FaceCall community?

Simply download the app, using the links to the AppStore and PlayStore on the homepage of FaceCall.com. Once it’s installed, open it and follow the easy step-by-step instructions.We provide support for the following devices: Note: FaceCall can only be activated on one device at a time.

How do I create a video invitation?

You can easily record a video preview when you’re calling someone. Then when the person you’re calling receives the call, he or she can see you’re the one who’s calling and hear the reason for your call. When you receive a call, you can see and hear the video preview of the caller and decide […]

What makes FaceCall different from other apps?

When you place video calls with the FaceCall app, the people you’re calling can automatically see your face. So they know at a glance that you’re the caller and are more likely to pick up. And when people call you, you know at a glance who it is and can decide whether to answer. With […]

Where is FaceCall based?

We are a US startup with headquarters in New York City. We also have an International team in leading IT cities Worldwide.